Test Your Food

On March 17-18 (10am to 5pm) you can bring your own vegetables, foods and even soil if you want to get stuff checked for radiation. The measurement takes about 10 minutes and you need to bring 600 cc (a little more than half a liter) of each item. A sophisticated machine will be available to measure the levels of Cesium 134 and 137 isotopes.

The testing is part of the Nippori Marche event at the east side of Nippori Station, Tokyo.

Nippori Marche (J)
Food Market In Nippori, Tokyo (E)


Pandabonium said…
600cc would be .6 liters.

I hope that in addition to providing the measurement figures that some explanation is made as to what the figures mean in terms of health impact.
Martin J Frid said…
Thanks P, corrected to "a little more than half a liter" of course. See, even those of us who grew up with the metric system can get it wrong every now and then!

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