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My Ten Best Movies With An Environmental Theme

Wow, this is not an easy post to write! With all the media attention on environmental issues, it struck me as odd that there are so few movies about the state of our planet. Our natural environment and issues like climate change, pollution, loss of biological diversity, loss of fertile top soil (erosion) and such... Hey, you may even think Hollywood and the other movie studios around the world were sponsored by investors that didn't give a sh$%&t. So, what do you think? Do add your favourite movie with an environmental theme in the comments. My Best Movies With An Environmental Theme:   Local Hero (1983) about an oil company representative sent to the Scottish village of Ferness to purchase the town and surrounding property for his company. Music by Mark Knopfler. (Thanks Tom for introducing)   Never Cry Wolf (1983) about a researcher assigned by his government to travel to the Canadian Arctic to study the wolves that are believed responsible for the reduction of the