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The Atlantic: Atomic Veterans Were Silenced for 50 Years. Now, They're Talking. 29,594 views

An account of experiences, that none of us can ever expect to have. Except, they were ordered to be there, close by, by their government, by their superiors. This happened back in the 1950s, just a few years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. May 27, 2019 | Video by Morgan Knibbe Nearly everyone who’s seen it and lived to tell the tale describes it the same way: a horrifying, otherworldly thing of ghastly beauty that has haunted their life ever since. “The colors were beautiful,” remembers a man in Morgan Knibbe’s short documentary The Atomic Soldiers . “I hate to say that.” “It was completely daylight at midnight—brighter than the brightest day you ever saw,” says another. Many tales of the atomic bomb, however, weren’t told at a

OECD Report on Japan's Farming

Some interesting observations about the just released OECD report on Japan's "productivity and sustainability" when it comes to its farm sector. The focus on climate change shocks may be the most important message, but I would have liked more details how Japan could encourage its organic farmers: OSAKA -   With Japanese food products becoming increasingly popular with foreign tourists, especially those from Asia, the country’s agricultural sector has a bright future if it can change its policies to embrace technological innovation and entrepreneurship, an OECD report on the country’s agricultural productivity and sustainability has concluded. “Our advice to Japan is: ‘You need to speed up the pace at which you move away from protection, invest more in sustainability, productivity, including research and development and other forms of innovation,’ ” said Ken Ash, director of trade and agriculture at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development in an inter