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Japan, China Officials Unite on Environmental Measures?

I always knew this was possible, thus Kurashi, for 10 years and counting. Hoping 2015 can bring some more sense into affairs between the great countries in this region. Small planet, huge population issues, got to start caring about more important concerns.  Says NHK World: Japan, China discuss environment in Beijing Asia Dec. 28, 2014 Delegates from Japan and China have held their first forum in 2 years to discuss environmental problems. About 500 economy ministry and industry officials of the 2 countries took part in Sunday's event in Beijing. The vice chairman of China's National Development and Reform Commission, Xie Zhenhua, said China considers natural-resource and environmental problems as significant and that Japan has advanced technologies and experience in this field. He said China wants to deepen cooperation with Japan in the energy-conservation and environmental sectors, and that this would lead to improved bilateral tie

NHK World: The Raw Story

Great to see a story on Japanese TV about attempts to make people more aware of the need for a healthy diet. Hope you can catch the video: People in Thailand are dealing with a growing problem...their waistlines. The World Health Organization says one in every four Thais is overweight. NHK WORLD's Dhra Dhirakaosal has the story of one woman who's trying a fresh approach to eating well. This is a canteen of an electronics plant in the suburbs of Bangkok. It's open 24 hours a day. Many of the dishes are rich in oil and sugar. One costs only about 50 cents -- half the normal price. The rice is free. Customers can eat as much as they want. "If our employees become more obese, it'll create problems for our firm." Sampan Silapanad / Vice president, Western Digital Thailand Aki Yamato from Japan works for the electronics maker as a diet and nutrition advisor.

Edda Magnason in Tokyo

Love music, love all of those who wrote the great music. Homage to Monica Zetterlund in Tokyo this weekend. Published on 13 Nov 2014 モニカ・ゼタールンドを演じた映画が話題、スウェーデンの 人気シンガーとニルス・ラン・ドーキーの豪華顔合わせ EDDA MAGNASON with NIELS LAN DOKY TRIO "Homage to MONICA ZETTERLUND" エッダ・マグナソン with ニルス・ラン・ドーキー・トリオ “オマージュ・トゥ・モニカ・ゼタールンド” DATE & SHOWTIMES 2014 12.20 sat. - 12.21 sun. [1st]Open4:00pm Start5:00pm [2nd]Open7:00pm Start8:00pm MEMBER Edda Magnason(vo) エッダ・マグナソン(ヴォーカル) Niels Lan Doky(p) ニルス・ラン・ドーキー(ピアノ) Ira Coleman(b) アイラ・コールマン(ベース) Niclas Bardeleben(ds) ニクラス・バーデレーベン(ドラムス) 後援:スウェーデン大使館 後援:デンマーク王国大使館 後援:J-WAVE 協力:ブロードメディア・スタジオ Category Music Licence Standard YouTube Licence