Friday, October 24, 2008

Cup Noodles Recalled

Japan's Nissin Food Products Co. said Friday it was recalling half a million cups of instant Cup Noodles over fears of insecticide contamination. AFP has more:

A 67-year-old woman vomited and felt numbness on her tongue after eating Nissin's Cup Noodle this week in the Tokyo suburb of Fujisawa, the city's health office said late Thursday. The product was made at a Nissin factory in Japan.

Recalls are a good way to quickly deal with the uncertainty in such situation. The noodles scare spread as another company, Myojo Foods Co. said it found instant noodles laced with paradichlorobenzene and naphthol, also used as bug repellent. I wonder if consumers are getting more careful and more willing to report bad food. Hope noone else gets sick!

Update I: Asahi says the Japanese Consumers' Co-operative Union (JCCU) has had to recall its cup noodles as well: JCCU told its outlets to remove five types of Co-op cup ramen from their shelves. Their stuff is made by Myojo Foods, and it has taken an entire month for them to get to the bottom of this. Mainichi has more: Woman left ill after eating contaminated instant noodles

Update II: NHK World says a Tokyo-based food company has begun to recall a type of Chinese-made instant noodles after it detected a tiny amount of the chemical melamine. Ryukou Shokuhin found the chemical in the freeze-dried broth for instant Harusame noodles with dried vegetables and egg. The product was made by a Chinese manufacturer.

Update III: Kyodo says Itoham Foods Inc. will voluntarily recall 2.67 million packages of sausages, pizzas and other products that might be tainted by toxic cyanogen compounds detected last month in well water it uses. The recall affects 13 products: nine types of sausages, including Arabiki Gourmet Vienna Sausage, and four kinds of pizzas. It will also include expired products. Itoham's previously very fancy website now looks like this.

Update IV: is your website if you want to try to keep up with product problems of all kinds in Japan!

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Pandabonium said...

I propose a new regulation: the board of directors of every food company must personally sample every lot shipped, in amounts sufficient to assure the public safety.