Anti-Nuclear Demonstrations June 11 All Over Japan

I can't count the number of anti-nuclear demonstrations going on today all over Japan. There are 2 big events in Tokyo, there is a "Peace Walking" parade in Date, Fukushima, as well as large events in Sapporo, Fukuoka and Yokohama. And many more places - I'm following a few of them as they use Twitter and upload photos. Live-blogging from your event? Let me know!

Those who have organized anti-nuclear protests in Tokyo and the organizations called e-shift and Fukushima Genpatsu Jiko Kinkyu Kaigi (Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Emergency Congress) are jointly calling citizens of not just Japan but the world for the action against nuclear power on the day of the three-month-anniversary of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster.

What is “e-shift”? (A society to fulfill denuclearization and new energy policy):

In the wake of the nuclear accident at Fukushima 1st plant on March 11, 2011, this society was established with groups and people who decided to fulfill denuclearization and the natural energy-oriented sustainable energy policy.

1. “Minimization of accident damage” and “Clarification where responsibility lies”

2. “Creation of recommendations for denuclearization and sustainable energy policy” and “Fulfillment of the recommendations”

3. “Transmission of valuable information to citizens “ and “Creation of social movements”

Images (top) promoting the Sapporo event, billed as a "Picnic Demo" and (bottom) the Saitama "Peace-act" event)


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