TPP - The Irony Of Atlanta City & Gambling?

Am I the only one who thinks it is totally ironic that the US city of Atlanta is currently the locus of the "endgame" of the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations? A city of gambling, basically. OK, I get it. They do have a sense of humour.

Trade negotiators, as I have observed them since 1999 or so (in Seattle) are like guys in a poker game: They hold on to their hands and try to bluff the others that they won't lose. In the WTO talks, in Seattle, the entire third world, the so-called developing countries, the currently not-so-fortunate card-holders, suddenly stood up and said, enough is enough, this is a silly game, we are not playing anymore. Thus the World Trade Organization was brought to a halt.

And it is like chess. By the time of the "endgame" (this is the 20th round of the TPP talks) you are left with not much room to maneuver, hardly any pieces left, and an opponent with a plan. You never really know how close you are to "chess mate." Thus, the WTO "Development Round" never really went beyond the opening moves.

But - it is also like a casino. You lose a lot, knowing you could win big. Cut your losses, you drink some expensive champagne and pretend you are a big shot. Security cameras all over the place. You also ignore the rest of the population, like farmers and ordinary workers and working families, as you walk around the place in your tuxedo and flash your big grin, thinking only about your own great profits...

Atlanta City, indeed. How the very rich truly know how to flaunt it, and they know they can get away with it. Rarely does the media pick up on the tricks of the trade, and call a spade a spade...

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Brett Rasmussen said…
I'm a bit confused, are you sure you are not thinking of Atlantic City, NJ (which is known for its casinos, gambling, etc.)?
Martin J Frid said…
Brett, thanks! I think you are right, I got the two cities confused... The current round of negotiations is going on in Atlanta!
Unknown said…
Martin, I think you DID get it right, "casinos, gambling, bluffing, lying" etc.

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