Soil And Peace Festival - Hibiya Park, Tokyo

Sunday Nov. 1 - Lots of organic farmers and peace activists and artists meeting up at Hibiya Park in central Tokyo. Music and talk shows plus the chance to support climate change groups and meet anti-TPP experts. All GMO-free.

Hope the weather is better than 2 years ago when I participated, and it rained all day.

The market and the show and everything started back in 2007, thanks to Tokiko Kato and Yae and many, many others. A great way to celebrate harvest and autumn, and join up with so many wonderful people. This is a Japan that the rest of the world can learn a lot from.

 Yae official page (J)

Makes me so very happy to live here.

And that message comes from Anja (E)

This event is the start of Artists for Farm Aid for Japan.

Following up from the Love Farmers Conference on September 3-6, 2015 第1回ラブファーマーズカンファレンス

Tanemaki official website (J)

Talk show website (J)


Anonymous said…
Great event, wish we could have attended

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