Good Bye 2015 - Xmas Medley (J-Pop)

Thanks to everyone who stayed interested in Kurashi, the blog that started ten years ago, what a journey we have had. UN meetings and local events, updates from my back garden, images of a Japan that I think still is being under-reported. Peace activism and anger at politics that is not inclusive - why I can't vote locally even though I have the permanent visa? The magic of ordinary people making a difference. I might change the setting of this blog to something more private, what do you think...? My pottery also increasingly popular and a fun way to approach Japan in a different way. So, don't be surprised if this blog changes.


Anonymous said…
Hi Martin,

May the light of the Sun shine on your family this Yule season. And merry Christmas !

Although I've only commented sporadically here at Kurashi, I think I've been a reader since almost the beginning. Thanks again for all the insights !

"Private" sounds cool. Have you back-filled any fruit/nut trees in the garden there? Always wondered about that.

Martin J Frid said…
Hi Ken, and Happy Holidays - if you get the time of the year off? Your blog a huge inspiration for me, thanks for this comment and many before. I have a few fruit tress but no nuts, although I'm looking for them. But I don't want too much shade, it's a question of balance isn't it. There's a large sakura tree though that needs to go... I also have blackberries, and adding on new blueberry bushes each year.

I collected some hazelnuts this fall, maybe that will be a next. Any thoughts?
Anonymous said…
Hi again Martin,


Re: Sakura. Before you "get rid of it" (although I don't think you will), check this out

Or you could do try hugelkultur [vid] with it.

Hazelnut sounds like a good choice if you don't want too much shade. Grow it on the edge somewhere and keep it bushy, or make a hedgerow with it ! Something I once read about [hazelnut as a hedge]: "The natural growing habit features “suckering,” or the tendency for the plant to throw up many extra shoots around the main trunk. That’s perfect for a hedge configuration; space the plants just four feet apart and let the suckers fill in the spaces. For more intense nut production as well as for ornamental treatment, situate the plants about fifteen feet apart and keep suckers off. Hazelnut trees may need to be netted once nut production begins; squirrels love them.."

Here, it's dappled shade all over the place, except for a couple spots on the edge for annuals. According to the Four Stages of the Milpa Cycle, which is a system of age-old cyclical forest gardening, my place here is in Stage 3 (From the Orchard to the Forest Garden - Among the fruit tree orchard, hardwoods, such as oak, walnut and acacia, are grown to mature over the next decades.).

I'm thinking of incorporating Hazelnut as well. :)

Today (Jan. 1), I back-filled Fig, Neem, Bamboo, and Japanese angelica trees. Excited about all of them. Also inoculated a few logs with shiitake spore.

Happy New Year,


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