Ghibli's From Up On Poppy Hill (2011)

Set in Yokohama, up in the hills that overlook the busy deep harbour, this anime is about a girl who misses her father who is away on a war mission.

Tokyo doesn't have a harbour that can provide access to large ships, thus Yokohama was built in the late 19th century. Thus Poppy Hill, and the houses up there, overlooking the bay.

Umi raises the naval signal flags each morning, every single day, hoping father will be back from Korea, hoping it may help him find her, hoping for a safe journey for all the sailors

... - I didn't know that there were a lot of civilian Japanese boats and supply ships used by the US during the Korean War. But this timeline is slightly ambiguous, Tokyo has already been awarded the 1964 Olympics.

Hey, did you know that Tokyo was actually set to have the 1940 Olympics, after Berlin (1936). Small world.

The hit song "Sukiyaki" features, but it was not about the food at all. The lyrics has the singer as a lonely guy, holding his head high, remembering the large protests against the AMPO around 1960, which seemed to have faded away around 1963 or so.

I love the way the students' messy dwelling is depicted, that must have been a fun dorm/club house. The say Miyazaki has retired, but I think he is just looking for a really good script about the protest movement in the 1960s.


Unknown said…
Sorry, can't do it!! Japanese film/anime overdubbed in English!! It HAS to be in Japanese with eigo subtitles. Thing is, most of the mainstream eiga-kans over here don't do it. The 'indie' ones (some would say 'arthouse') always offer the choice. Gomen, dekinai!
Martin J Frid said…
Ghibli notoriously removes all Japanese clips of their films from Youtube. This was a rare treat, so may I suggest you grin and bear it, sir? But then again, you could always pay around 5,000 yen (plus) for the pleasure of owning it on your very own DVD :)
Unknown said…
Ok, if I have to I'm just going to have to grin and bear it. Gaman! BUT! Fair chance here that I can find the dvd in a library and 'opt' for the english subtitled version.

I have the dvd of Spirited Away, would like them all really. Saw Spirited Away at this 'Indie' cinema -,_Brighton - where I was a member for a few years.

Picturehouse have just opened a new cinema in Crouch End, 'down the road'.

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