Refined By Fire

An Anagama is a wood fire kiln used in traditional Japanese pottery where the gas and ash act as a natural glazing agent for ceramics.

This short documentary features Clayton Amemiya, a Hawaii-born artist who was originally taught in Okinawa by sensei Seisho Kuniyoshi.

Clayton has been perfecting his Anagama technique for 40 years and become a master craftsman of this Japanese art form.


Pandabonium said…
Wonderful. As impressed as I am with the potters, the guy who just comes to stoke the fire at 6 am is also interesting. The carved pieces remind me of seashells. Patterns, patterns, everywhere. Very organic.

K and I walked across lava fields on the Big Island once for a couple of hours to reach the shore and watch molten lava enter the sea. Beautiful and inspiring.
Martin J Frid said…
I had no idea there were places on Earth where you could walk across molten lava, that is amazing.
Unknown said…
It can be a bit, ahem, sole destroying though...

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