Kurashi is Back, with News and Updates about My Novel: Kamikaze to Croydon

Hello, Kurashi readers, it has been a while. I had blogged for 10 or so years and had a big project I wanted to finish, a historical novel about the 1937 goodwill flight from Japan to Europe. Stay tuned.

You can order it here at Amazon as a paperback, and also at Kindle as an eBook. I hope you will also be kind enough to leave comments and rate it.

Do click that link, and go through the easy steps.


Pandabonium said…
Congratulations! I'm opening a bottle of Sangaria Extra Strong Carbonated Water to celebrate.


Martin J Frid said…
Great video, thanks a lot.
Unknown said…
Welcome back Martin !

Ken here. Ken Elwood.

A BIG congrats to you on the new Novel. How exciting. I think I'll put my order in for a copy over at amazon.

I'm guessing you are well?

Alls well here. A few years back I also ditched blogging for a separate passion. Mine being: Bushcraft and Secession. So far I've just been documenting it in cryptic narratives but soon plan to open a new blog.


Looking forward to your future posts here.


Martin J Frid said…
Hi Ken, what a happy surprise, good to hear from you. Yeah, blogging got old, then I got into it again now for obvious reasons. Looking forward to your future posts, too.

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