Toru Takemitsu - L.A., New York, Paris, Rome, Helsinki (1991)

The wonderful things that happen. Or not.

In 1991, Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu was invited by American director Jim Jarmusch to write the original music for his film "Night on Earth", but his finished work was subsequently rejected by the director. The supposedly lost music by Takemitsu was aptly titled “L.A., New York, Paris, Rome, Helsinki” - five cities featured in Jarmusch’s film.


Pandabonium said…
Perhaps just as well that his music will not be associated with that film. Jamusch ended up with music by Tom Waits. Fitting for the 'dark' comedy.

Takemitsu wrote the music for Imamura's "Black Rain" (1989), a great movie. Jamusch did not deserve Takemitsu.

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