World Expo: "Nature's Wisdom"

The World Expo in Aichi, Japan has chose "Nature's Wisdom" as its (beautiful) main theme. It refers to the need for the World to be in tune with the wisdom of nature and seriously address environmental issues. Expo 2005 offers a glimpse of where people from around the world think the Earth will head in the coming years.

I have to admit that I was first rather skeptical about this (hrm) ambitious idea. How could Japan, such a major polluter and hardly known as a "environmentally-friendly" society dream up such a fuzzy theme? Well, in many ways, Japan (as the World's second largest economy) must lead the way. And do they know it! Thus, a few weeks after the Expo has started, I'm beginning to notice that the Japanese are actually serious about this...

Aichi Expo: Environmental Issues

Introduction of Advanced Technology Promoting an Eco-community
Bamboo Project
Photo catalystic steel plate roof
Biomass plastic
Biomass Exterior Wall
Dry Mist
Wooden plastic
Nature-friendly wood-chip pavement
Solar Power System
Vertically Installed Solar Panels with Double-sided Reception Capability
Fuel Cell-centered New Energy System
Lowering the Surrounding Temperature with Mist(Various Places on the EXPO Sites)

Introduction of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
New life for old ceramic: Drinking fountain bowls made of recycled ceramic
Low-noise pavement made of recycled tires
Garbage Separation: 9 Categories for Visitors, 17 for Participants
Measures of environmental concern in Morizo and Kiccoro goods and other EXPO items
Flooring material made with admixture of scrap mirror glass

Promotion of Transportation with Minimal Environmental Impact

Fuel Cell Hybrid Bus
Shuttle bus, Park-Ride system

Providing Enjoyable Educational Opportunities through Events and Exhibitions
Expo Eco-money
Forest School
Village School
Growing Village
Satsuki and Mei’s House
EXPO Amedas
EXPO Eco Tour
Tree Planting
Cooperation in reducing greenhouse gas emissions


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