Cyanide in Tokyo Bay

Kyodo reports that the Japan Coast Guard sent to prosecutors on Monday a case in which JFE Steel Corp, a unit of JFE Holdings Inc, and four employees of the company allegedly released highly polluted wastewater from a steel mill into Tokyo Bay, the coast guard said.

Japan's second-largest steel manufacturer is suspected of discharging wastewater containing highly toxic cyanide compounds or hydrogen ion exceeding regulatory standards at Chiba port, in the eastern part of Tokyo Bay, from a mill operated by its East Japan Works in Chiba.

This has been big in the news, and JFE, which was established from the merger of NKK and Kawasaki Steel in April 2003, needs to be reminded of what they said as a corportate message for 2005:

Last year we set a goal of “zero accidents” in each work place. Unfortunately, we were unable to eradicate serious accidents in spite of active safety programs. We will continue to emphasize the improvements, investments and education that are necessary to increase the safety of our facilities and operations. However, as individuals we must also take it upon ourselves to actively promote safety if we are to achieve our shared goal. Let us renew our commitment this year to getting the basic activities right, creating clean and pleasant work places and achieving our “zero accidents” goal.

The 2004 environmental report for JFE can be found here.


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