Frankfurt bookfair

The Frankfurt bookfair is an annual fair where about 12,000 publishers from all over the world are attending. This year, South Korea is displaying over 6,000 books on Korea published in Korea and abroad. Also displayed is the "Jikji Simche Yojeol" - the world's oldest text printed with metal type, with its printing in 1377 predating by 38 years Gutenberg's 42-line Bible. A collection of Buddhist treatises and teachings, the book is included in UNESCO's "Memory of the World" register.

The article describes how the original book is in the possession of France at the National Library of France in Paris, having been shipped out of Korea by a French national in the last years of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). Hmm? Why doesn't Korea try to get it back?

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I have to admit that I still haven't read any Korean novels, and frankly, I don't even know the name of a single Korean writer. Any good advice?

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