Japan's Green Purchasing Network

For 10 years, Japan's Green Purchasing Network (GPN), has promoted the ideas and practices of green purchasing in Japan. The 2,876 member organization (Jan 2005) includes corporations, local autonomous bodies, consumer groups, environmental NGOs, and cooperative associations. Among GPN activities, the organization draws up purchasing guidelines for various products and maintains an extensive product database, as well as holding seminars and study meetings, and awards commendations to organizations that have excellently performed in implementing green purchasing.

GPN held the 10th anniversary commemorative forum and party on February 24, 2006. Photos and reports here (Japanese). Ms Yuriko Koike, Minister of the Environment, gave a commemorative speech and emphasized the role of green purchasing to "realize virtuous circle of economy and the environment".

GPN has a great English website here.

GPN is a member of the International Green Purchasing Network.


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