NHK: No more Chernobyls

NHK World has produced a program about the Chernobyl accident that you can hear on the website here (click on Tuseday and Wednesday). Japanese photo journalist Ryuichi Hirokawa talks about his impressions from his 50 trips to the area. Also in the Tuesday program, lovely music by Nataliya Gudziy.

On the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident, Citizens' Nuclear Information Center remembers the tragedy of this, the worst industrial accident in human history:

We recognize the dangers of using nuclear energy. We also recognize that using nuclear energy encourages nuclear proliferation. We therefore make the following appeal:

1. that nuclear energy be phased out as soon as possible;
2. that governments industry and the general public work together to dramatically reduce total energy consumption in the 21st Century; and
3. that the use of renewable forms of energy be expanded as rapidly as possible.


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