If you are interested in organic farming, and would like to visit Japan, do try WWOOF. You may need to be prepared for all kinds of things.


Do take the chance to do something completely different with your life. It could be difficult, it could be wonderful. You will be going to rural Japan, not to the big cities of bright lights and endless temptations. You will sleep on tatami mats in futons, wake up at dawn, breakfast is rice and miso soup.  

An exchange between friends; Hosts and WWOOFers.

"Friends just like family"

When visiting hosts, you are neither a guest nor a worker, but a part of the host's place - like friends and family members are. Based on the rhythms you see at the host's place you'll be thinking about what you can do to help-out, and what you can learn and experience in doing so. The host will give the same back to you. Living chores are often a part of the day: ie., preparing meals and cleaning up.  Open your heart.  Listen to your friends' instructions.  If misunderstanding occurs, tell the host of your needs directly but sincerely.

Leah Wood made this:

Hosts give WWOOFers accommodation and all meals in return for the WWOOFer assisting the Host. Hosts also give WWOOFers various knowledge and skills as result living and helping them, Japanese culture & Japanese language, introduction to the beauty of the local area, and other resources most of which are outlined in the Hosts' Preview. There is no payment of money between Host and WWOOFer. WWOOFers need to pay just the yearly WWOOF membership fee, 5,500 yen. WWOOFing starts from sending an online application form.

Here are some testimonials, from the WWOF website.


Tom O said…
In principle Wwoof is like the old Kibbutz system in Israel, where one also had to work six hours etc. Other than that I have NO idea how the Wwoof thing works.. ;o)
Martin J Frid said…
WWOOF is your best ticket to spend honest good work time in rural Japan. Do apply.
Bella Polenta said…
This blog is rich in information, things we hardly can read in other news website.

Definitely I will save a bookmark.

BTW, you did all those activities in a single host? Please give me his code! =D

I am registered on wwoof jp and I am looking form my first host.

I wish I could have friends in Japan who are interested in farming and healthier things than getting smoked in Izakayas Saturda night.


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