Space Dandy - Ravel

Happy New Year, or as we say in Swedish, Glad fortsättning (Happy continuation..) just like in Japan, where there are 2 different greetings, one before, and one after the actual event.. But isn't it kind of curious that 正月 Shougatsu is celebrated religiously on December 31 each year at all shrines and temples, as a great tradition, even though the current calender was only introduced in the Meiji era?

Trying out some new equipment tonight, so, here we go, Space Dandy, a crazy anime that went viral as long ago as  last year. Recommended by my pals Spencer and Sharadan (hat tip). Anime, definitely, humour, maybe? Lovely tune by Ravel.

Song - Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte


Unknown said…
Anime o mitai, dekierba.

A shamisen-guitar 'mezclar' (spanish fior 'mix').

Weird, or not, that you should mention different new year greetings. At my mothers a couple of days ago and 'Mastermind' on. They showed 3 different versions of 'Eastern' greetings as a question. Someone uttered 'Korean/Vietnamese/Mandarin' as the correct answers and although my mother not unhappy...
New Years Eve '91 - Nagasaki. It's a weird place imho, it IS lovely, most of it unaffecfted by a ceratin event. The Glover House still there, still very weirdly english - like the chap himself.

As always, even when I was a member of the Duke of Yorks Picturehouse eiga-kan in Brighton, I watch Japanese films with original kotoba and english sub-titlese. I of course get annoyed with the translations, ira ira! Saw Spirited Away in Brighton light that, never seen it dubbed, Sacrilige!
Unknown said…
Boy, gomen re all the typos!
Martin J Frid said…
A lot of the movies and anime on Youtube are fan dubbed, and that opens up entire new opportunities for audiences in countries where the companies don&t think they can make a profit. It is a huge cultural thing...

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