Yes! Magazine: Unsurrendered (First Nation in Canada)

Do read, and cry. We call it gråta in Swedish, to cry. I like how languages try to create the emotion using the (probably ancient sanskrit) cr or gr sound, but in Japanese it is just "naku" which isn't very strong. I bet there is another word for really heartfelt tears, though.

To just totally wonder what on earth some humans are on earth for, if just to inflict pain and suffering, for profit, while others try to recover that inherent beauty of old forests and pure streams and a living that does not harm other humans. You could argue that hunting and fishing also will cause karmic relationships that are not so good for those who kill, but these are northern lands. Difficult to survive there without it.

Impressive that these people never gave Canada the right to take their lands away.

Now, oil companies want to export the bitumen to China... How long will that last? These people have been there for ages. Maybe they even came from the Asian mainlands, via Bering's Straight through Alaska? Love the sound of the river on the Yes! website. Excellent long read.


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