Instant coffee for Kim Yong Il

Asahi reports that Japanese police has arrested a North Korean man for illegally exporting equipment to his homeland that can be used to make biological weapons:

The suspect, Kim Young Gun, is the former president of Meisho Yoko, a Tokyo-based trading company. He said he was aware the freeze-dryer his company shipped to North Korea had military applications.

Kim, who goes by the name Minoru Kida in Japan, is suspected of violating the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law. Police believe the company that ordered the machine has close ties with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

Freeze-driers are used to make stuff like instant coffee - as well as nasty bacteria. As every science student knows, they dehydrate substances by quickly freezing them, and can be used to preserve bacteria for long periods, which unfortunately make them useful for producing biological weapons. I don't like instant coffee either.


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