NHK: The Beatles in Japan

She's a Woman

I'm Down

Nowhere Man (from a concert in Munich, Germany just before they left for Japan)

Channel Surf, always a well written and useful column in The Japan Times, reminds us that Japan is still celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Beatles' only visit:

Today, Monday at 22:00, NHK-G will present "Beatles Rainichi 103 Jikan (The Beatles Come to Japan for 103 Hours)."

The documentary will relive the Fab Four's arrival at Haneda Airport, which experienced a security crunch like none it had ever experienced before. It will follow them to the Tokyo Hilton (now the Capitol Tokyu, which is about to be demolished) in Akasaka. It will show footage from their concerts at Budokan. More importantly, it will interview many people who met the four mop-tops face-to-face during their stay, as well as a number of people who attended the concerts and "were deeply affected." They will talk not only about the way The Beatles impacted their lives, but also their effect on Japan, their effect on the 1960s, and their effect on the world.

Bonus: Paul singing Yesterday with the band accompanying him in an unique live version (no strings), also from the Nippon Budokan concerts.


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