Monday, November 13, 2006

Asian Heroes: Fighting pollution in Japan

Phillip White at CNIC kindly sent me three great candidates for the Asian Heroes list.

Senji Yamaguchi
, a Nagasaki hibakusha. Do read his book "Burnt Yet Undaunted" which is effectively his memoirs. The forward of the book by Joseph Gerson is a powerful account of his efforts:

Jinzaburo Takagi was the founder of CNIC and was head and shoulders above anyone else in the anti-nuclear energy movement in terms of scientific knowledge, leadership skill and prolific publication.

He was a recipient of the 1997 Right Livelihood Award (shared with fellow French anti-plutonium activist Mycle Schneider). More about Takagi on the following page:

Jun Ui, the environmentalist, was part of a team of brave researchers who discovered and unraveled the Minamata disease (mercury poisoning) in Kyushu:

Here is his chapter about Minamata disease in the book Industrial pollution in Japan, published by the United Nations Press: Minamata Disease.


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