Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Early Buddhism in Japan

Tonight, NHK was showing a beautiful documentary with anthropologist Nakazawa Shinichi, who describes early Buddhism in Nara. Nakazawa is an expert on Tibet and has a lot to say about the influences from China and Korea. You can see his very private talk about Japanese religions here. Shinto? Buddhist? What is "before religion and after religion"? You decide.

Mari, my favourite blog, talks about traditional Buddhist vegetarian food called Shojin Ryori.


Pandabonium said...

One of those rare times I am sorry I don't have TV. Great clip. Thank you.
I've been researching a local ancient temple I found and so this is post is quite relevant for me.

I love shojin ryori. Yuba is one of my favorite foods. :P

Pandabonium said...

off topic, but thought it might be of interest:

Martin J Frid said...

A shrine to ABBA. 500,000 visitors a year? Funny! In 2000 years time someone will dig it up and think everyone on Earth were wearing clothes like that.