Japanese ODA

Readers of this blog probably are aware that Japan gives large amounts of ODA to China and other developing countries. The focus on environmental protection is a big part of this effort. Actually, Japan has been providing ODA since 1954, first in the form of trainees and experts sent to other countries. I didn't know that the Suez Canal was made "wider and deeper" in 1980 with the help of a series of Japanese yen loans, thus making it possible for large ships to pass through the canal...

Since 2003, ODA is "implemented by comprehensively considering the recipient country's needs for aid, its socioeconomic situation, and its bilateral relations with Japan. The recipient countries of ODA are screened from various viewpoints. They include maintaining a balance between development and environmental conservation and avoiding military use of ODA."

NHK reported today that Japan will hold a conference in Tokyo in June to promote energy saving efforts by countries in the East Asia region. Japan's Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry will invite working-level officials from 16 Asian and Pacific nations to give lectures on energy-saving standards and other measures.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: ODA and Environment

MOFA's web pamphlet for the 50th anniversary of Japanese ODA

Evaluations are an important part of ODA.

Critisism against Japanese ODA was very strong in the 1990s, with NGOs and academics arguing that large Japanese companies were the main beneficiaries...


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