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Are you reading Recently, a few new writers joined us who are really good. I liked Joan's post about the Earth Day Market in Yoyogi Park, where she talks about some of the food sellers and pottery makers, as well as tea:

Tea is a hot topic here, and a few good sites include this one with information about different kinds of teas in Japan; this nice post about organic green tea blended with family memories, and a video recounting some of the challenges of organic tea growing. There is, of course, also absolutely no shortage of books about tea in Japan.

Where to Find Local Seasonal Food- Tokyo Farmers Market

Since June, Chris is doing an ongoing series on sustainable living in Japan and he will focus on the unique lifestyle and agricultural practices of Konohana Family near Mt Fuji:

In 1993, perhaps long before the term Eco Village came into popular usage in Japan, a middle aged interior designer and carpenter from Nagoya and several companions were asking themselves if there weren’t a better way to live than the extreme consumerism that was reflected in Japanese society at the time and still is today. The following year they purchased some property in the rural municipality of Fujinomiya, just south west of Mt. Fuji, and set about answering the question. While they are still at it today, they have found their answer and for them it is an unequivocal yes.

Meet the Konohana Family, an agricultural collective at the Foot of Mt. Fuji, Shizuoka

I also want to mention Joel, who does an amazing job translating the Japanese posts into English. They could be a great tool if you want to improve your skills while also learning more about Japan's eco efforts. is really lucky to have such a team of dedicated people on board.

Tonight, you can meet some of us at the Green Drinks event in Gotanda, Tokyo.

Green Drinks Tokyo August. Green Media Alliance Official Kick Off Party: Can Green Media Go Mainstream?

*About Green Media Alliance(GMA): GMA is a unique Japan based network of leading alternative media organizations such as, Alterna, GreenTV Japan, Good News Japan, dedicated to promoting sustainability and greener economy.

Thursday 6th, Aug. 2009
19:00 Door Open.
JPY3,000. Free Food. One drink

(There will be an online live stream video feed from the event, which means you can chill at home with a cold beer in front of your computer, but do join us if you can!)

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