Gov. Nakaima waffling about attendance at rally; will he be the only person at home watching TV in Okinawa on Sunday?

From Satoko Norimatsu at Peace Philosophy Centre

The latest from the Okinawan newspaper Ryukyu Shimpo: Governor Nakaima changed his mind again and went back to the "undecided" position about the April 25 Rally.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirano admitted that he spoke to Nakaima over the phone on April 20, just before Nakaima expressed his reservation again.

Nakaima denied the phone call. It is easy to guess that Hirano pressured Nakaima not to attend.

He is calculating the political gains and losses of attending or not attending, and of delaying the decision til the last minute or not.

"All we know about Nakaima is that he is not looking to the Okinawan citizens," a member of the rally committee says. Nakaima is just looking to Tokyo.

His indecision is hurting his image, and is possibly affecting the turnout at the Rally. Or maybe more people will attend because of that, to show solidarity of ordinary residents.

Nakaima could be the only one in Okinawa watching TV at home on Sunday.

More details about the April 25 anti-base events in Okinawa, Tokyo, and many other locations can be found here.


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