Great photos and report of Kyoto's Solidarity Rally for Okinawa at Deep Kyoto

Deep Kyoto has posted some great photos and good report of the Kyoto Tea Party in support of Okinawan democracy.

Deep Kyoto says:

The Japanese have a reputation for being rather apathetic about politics, so it’s good to see people making a racket on the streets about issues they care about. Now it’s up to Prime Minister Hatoyama to make good on his election promises and listen to what the Okinawan people are saying.


Pandabonium said…
I wish they wouldn't call it "tea party" as the current USA "tea party" bunch are racist, right wing loonies - not at all anything like the people who protested the East India Company in 1773.

Yankee go home works for me. ;^)
Jen said…
I say, let's take back the original meaning of tea party and not let right-wing extremists co-opt the term.

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