Beach Cleaning At Naruto, Japan

The Koike Beach Clean Up in Tokushima prefecture on July 17, 2010 aimed "to clean up rubbish-coming from the Seto Inland Sea- which has accumulated for years along the coast of Naruto, Japan."

Several schools participated, including Naruto High School and Shimada Elementary School. It is another example of how any real "defense" of our lands and our waters now rely on children and volunteers, as governments seem pre-occupied with satisfying global defense contractors (what used to be called the military-industrial complex). Meanwhile children grow up in neighborhoods that are severely polluted. Sarah, from France, also appears here (in Japanese).

I like how they made a special blog here and I hope they will share many more photos soon!

How did this happen?
The roles of Mr Miyamoto and Donoura Waste Treatment Plant are crucial. For this reason, Naruto High School and the waste treatment plant have decided to coordinate their actions. However, we also need more volunteers! So, why don't you join us on next time?


Pandabonium said…
While sailing on lake Hinuma, we are always on garbage patrol. Sunday we picked up a PET bottle from the water. Other days it's plastic bags. We make a game of it.
Tom O said…
What a load of rubbish!! ;o)

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