Zen Peace & Korea (Old Story)

Zen Peace

When a rebel army swept into a town in Korea,
all the monks of the Zen temple fled except
for the abbot.

The general came into the temple and was annoyed
that the abbot did not receive him with respect.

“Don't you know,” he shouted,
“that you are looking at a man who can
run you through without blinking?”

“And you,” replied the abbot strongly,
“are looking at a man who can be run
through without blinking!”

The general stared at him,
then made a bow and retired.

from Trevor Leggett
The Tiger's Cave
Routledge & Kegan Paul, London (1977), p. 160

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Pandabonium said…
continuing the story....

Then the USAF came to town and indiscriminately bombed the entire area.

Still, the point of your post is well taken.

Kill the media that is killing us all - stop getting news and economic/social prejudices from radio, tv, or print media. Support and read/listen the sources of information that improve your understanding of your world.

I killed my TV some 8 years ago. Take the money you spend on "cable tv" and apply it to information sources you can trust. Stop funding those institutions which are destroying your life. How hard is that!?

The keys to your liberation are in your own hands.

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