The Big "0"

Not the letter O, I mean "ZERO" - as in zero waste.

A small town of 2,000 people has started down an ambitious path to 100% zero waste - Kamikatsu, in Shikoku Region's Tokushima Prefecture.

So far, the town has increased its recycling and composting rate to 80 percent. As a result of Kamikatsu's lead, at least two municipalities have made a zero waste declaration - Minamata City in Kumamoto Prefecture, and Oki town in Fukuoka Prefecture. In addition, Hayama town in Kanagawa Prefecture has adopted a zero waste policy. Let's help this trend catch on in a much bigger way.

I like the Mayor's happi coat, recycled from a koinobori (carp streamer).

And here is a report about a family in the USA who have a virtually zero waste household. Perhaps not surprisingly, the lady of the house was not originally from the US, but France. This family lives in one of the wealthiest counties of the US, so if they can do it, it can happen anywhere.

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The lady in question, Bea Johnson, has a great blog here: The Zero Waste Home with the slogan, "Refuse, Refuse, Refuse. Then reduce, reuse, recycle (and only in that order)."

There is a lot of zero waste information on the internet, so let's all think about how we live now - even those of us who already are aware of the issues - and find ways we can do even better. Then share that knowledge with others.


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