Mozart Horn Concerto No. 1 KV 412/514

I mentioned Ibaraki in my last post about soybeans. Just so noone gets the wrong idea about that particular prefecture, here is the Mito Chamber Orchestra. Seiji Ozawa conducting, and horn virtuoso Radek Baborák does the honours. Mozart's horn concerto is not an easy piece at all.

W.A.Mozart's first Horn Concerto in D major, KV 412/514(386b) I. Allegro, II. Rondo

Compare to Baborák playing the same piece with Barenbaum conducting, not sure where, but I'm pretty sure it is the Berlin Philharmoniker. While in Japan, he has also performed with the NHK Symphony Orchestra.

And, while in Mito, they also performed Mozart's horn concerto No. 2. Here is the rondo.

I'm going to have to add Ibaraki to my list of labels. Anyone in favour?


Pandabonium said…
Martin said, "I'm going to have to add Ibaraki to my list of labels. Anyone in favour?"

I say, "Aye!"

Beautiful clip, thanks. Ozawa has been my favorite conductor for oh, thirty plus years. From a musician's standpoint, his directing is crystal clear. No doubt about what he wants the players to do. A joy to watch.

Of course, there is more to conducting than that - such as interpreting the composer's intent. Not to mention leading and inspiring the group. He's a treasure.
Pandabonium said…
By the way. IMHO There are two instruments in the orchestra which are not for the faint of heart. One is the oboe (OK, English horn too), and the other is the French horn.

To see and hear them played perfectly is awesome.
Tom O said…
May we add 'cello' to that collection?
Ping said…
"The horn is the soul of the orchestra" - that is, if you don't mess up! As a horn player myself I know it's easy to do! We're one of the most exposed instruments in the orchestra=pressure.

The one thing I miss most being in Kyoto is a cheap classical concert - I remember paying only £10 to see Pollini in London, yet when he came to Kyoto (may have been Osaka) tickets were going for Y5000..
Martin J Frid said…
Pandabonium, Tom, you have my votes. All very wonderful instruments. I have always felt for the guy with the cymbals. Now, how do you rehearse that??

Ping, OK, classical concerts I go to here are not cheap, but than again, I get matsuri performances of taiko, fue, dance - for free. You have a nice blog going there in Kyoto btw.

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