1985 TV Drama About the Ki-15 Flight to London

Just a few years before I first arrived on these shores, TV Asahi made a special dramatization about the events I cover in my novel, Kamikaze to Croydon.

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The 1985 TV drama is a bit silly, but then so was a lot of TV back then.

These scenes, however, are really beautiful, filmed with a model airplane, set to the music by Brahms.

美貌なれ昭和 (Bibonare Showa) means something like "The Beautiful Showa" and the dramatization included segments about the female Japanese violinist, Nejiko Suwa, who was studying and performing in Europe during the 1930s until 1945. Enjoy.

Now, if seeing that makes you want to make a balsa wood model of the Ki-15, there are the drawings and lots of helpful advice, from Mike Stuart in the UK!

Thanks for finding, P.


Tom OB said…
What, that WASNT the real thing! Is a pretty cool job imho, at least it gives you some idea of it though that landing looked pretty bumpy (chuckle).
Martin J Frid said…
Yes, that was a great job and I wish I had the skills to do that.

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