Radio Controlled: This is How Popular the Ki-15 is in Japan

New update in my novel:

 Then I went to watch this sad new movie, Osaka Elegi, about a girl and the city which I almost never had any time to venture into, with its neon lights and modern music and the Kansai accent that I found hilarious. But, I could not understand the ending.
    After that, I had the sense that Osaka would surpass anything, if left to its own devices. The new subway line from Umeda was in the movie, and I mentioned it in a letter to Tsukagoshi in Tachikawa. And he replied, “I hope to join you soon.”

You can order Kamikaze to Croydon here at Amazon as a paperback, and also at Kindle as an eBook.

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Do click that link, and go through the easy steps.

These guys make the best radio controlled "scale flying" events, which in 2016 involved the Mitsubishi Ki-15 "Kamikaze-go" that was privately owned by Asahi Shimbun in 1937.


Pandabonium said…
Hey, its also been done as an award winning RC model in America in 1/4 scale...
I communicated with this builder a while back...

The book should be very popular with aviation aficionados everywhere.
Well done.

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