That didn't take long

Today is a public holiday in South Korea, celebrating the birth of Buddha. I suppose they are ignorant of this fact, and with their impeccable sense of timing, and constant eagerness to insult people in other parts of the world, Mike Johanns, the US agriculture minister and Max Baucus, a senator from Montana, are chosing today to state that they may raise the issue of Korean import restrictions on US beef in the World Trade Organization (WTO). Bravo.

A senior U.S. senator has hinted at filing a suit with the World Trade Organization against countries such as South Korea if they do not completely lift their import ban on American beef. The warning comes after the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) ruled Wednesday that the U.S. has mad cow disease under control.

KBS 'WTO Suit Possible if Ban on US Beef Isn't Lifted'

And according to NHK, Mike Johanns, the US agriculture minister, is making similar statemens as well:

Mr Johanns said he has already asked China to remove barriers to US beef in line with international standards, and that he will ask Japan and South Korea to do the same.

Update: Yomiuri Japan, U.S. set to discuss beef


Pandabonium said…
meat eating isn't exactly encouraged either....

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