Another Day, And We Are Doing OK!

Live feed from NHK World, about the current developments in Japan

Eat wakame, kombu, nori and yoghurt to get enough idoine, if you feel the need. Stay healthy and strong. Spirit and mind, have you ever had such a challenge? Do you feel afraid, why? What is fear. I bet you have never even thought about it. Fear and worry, we all have to appreciate such opportunity to learn about living, and surviving. Let's rebuild! Frankly, I feel rather calm. How about you?

If you learnt about life lessons from the past, why run away? So many people are putting their life on the line over the past couple of days, to help victims, to try to deal with reactor meltdown, to deal with the outrageous claims in the media. I am impressed that my friends are doing OK. How about you, how would you deal with a similar disaster?

Staying calm does not mean "doing nothing" as you can donate to the Red Cross and other proper NGOs and well known organizations. DO NOT REPLY TO STRANGE EMAILS. Take a deep breath, wait a minute. We are learning a lot.

Take another deep breath, count your fortunes. Write a diary. Create a blog or maybe a Twitter account. Tell your friends you are safe, and you are ok. Write a letter. Post it. We are doing OK. We can handle this.

More details on Japan Probe

For the latest news updates, try NHK World. It is not true that information is being witheld. In an extremely complex situation like this, do not believe rumours.

Good advice from Panda bonium:

If you want to donate to American Red Cross through Amazon, you can do so, but do it by going directly to the American Red Cross website.

Is your donation going to be used to help Japan?

If you want your donation spent on Japan, you have to make sure of it. Many charities, including reputable ones like the American Red Cross, will be asking for donations by reporting on the disaster in Japan. But be advised, that does not mean they will spend your donation on helping Japan.

So, before you give, please read this article at Charity Navigator: Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. The article offers advice on making the decision to give, how to avoid scams, and a list of charities that Charity Navigator has analyzed and rated, which will use your donation to directly help the victims of this tragedy.

By all means, help Japan in this time of crisis, but do so wisely.


Jan-Åke said…
Dear Martin,

You took away my previous comment?

Some important update:

They Just Don't Care Anymore - Alex Jones TV:

Cover Up Of Fukushima Chain Reaction Underway:
Pandabonium said…
Alex Jones is a self promoter - in my humble opinion. He mixes half-truths with confusion to increase his readership and sell his videos. He has an agenda, just as those who tell you "don't worry be happy" do. There is no substitute for knowledge at times like these. Do you your own research and be vigilant against those who want to manipulate your thoughts.
Tom O said…
When one's guard is down, some people do like to exploit 'weak' points. Ki o tsukete, ne.

Agenda - a word of eigo I do verily like.
Jan-Åke said…
@ Pandabonium:

Hi! Of course, always do your own research no matter what the subject.

I've watched Alex Jones since 2001 and I've discovered that he usually describes situations in a correct way that is very close to the truth, very close to what is actually happening. I trust his research although I don't at all resonate with his sometimes too angry mood. But I can that say he and his staff is very seldom, if ever, totally wrong. It is good to listen to him as a voice to balance other reports from other sources. The only agenda I feel that he has is to awake people from their deep sleep in how their are manipulated and lied to by the mainstream media. He encourage people to spread his info and his movies for free (also). He is doing a very important and fantastic job, in my humble opinion....

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