Finding Jupiter

Unusually, we can see Jupiter with the bare eye. Clear sky, late night, just above left to Orion. And if you can't find Orion, I'd say you are seriously planet-inhibited. As in having no clue about our position with regards to major planetary bodies. Tycho Brahe and then Newton and others did us the favour of doing the math...

So, do go out, late at night, cover one of your eyes for a couple of minutes to avoid light pollution, if that is that case. Try to find a dark spot. Stand there for a while.

Finding Orion should be easy.

Three stars to the south.

Above that to the upper left, you have Jupiter.

Rarely do we get to see the guru planet. Only now in January. Great view. If you have better ways of viewing, you may see Jupiter's moons. Imagine how people in the past where amazed noticing that Earth was not the only planetary mass with objects revolving around it.


Anonymous said…
Spotted ! Thanks.

Martin J Frid said…

Isn't it amazing...?
Anonymous said…
Yes, out of this world...

Super galactic !


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