How To Take A Bath In Japan (1954)

Hilarious. Even today the mystery of the Japanese onsen is "explained" by all kinds of signs and images. It could not be simpler.

From The Bridges at Toko-Ri.


Pandabonium said…
That film and book are outstanding. The movie sticks to the book. Very sad but uplifting and memorable ending.

William Holden was a great actor and left a legacy of excellent films. He also did much to establish animal sanctuaries in Africa so we could continue to enjoy seeing them and just perhaps stop killing all the species of living things on the planet. So far we're not doing well...

Holden's last picture [that I know of] was "Breezy"(1973), a love story directed by Clint Eastwood. Another solid performance by Holden and one of Eastwood's best projects.

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