Reading a Musical Score: Sibelius The Sky at Night

If you love music, do learn how to read a musical score.

My father spent a lot of time with me when I was a kid, working through the musical score. This is what a conductor has in front of him, be it a small chorus or a symphony orchestra. It all starts with the musical score. The director has to read it all, page after page. We just hear the magic.

Here is a track that you may know, by Jean Sibelius.

This music is familiar to British television viewers as the theme of the world's longest-running TV programme (1957-present), BBC and the The Sky at Night.


Pandabonium said…
You've always impressed me, Martin, as someone who knows the score. Time well spent with your father.

Sibelius is wonderful. I get all his records as soon as they come out. ;)
I am partial to Finlandia. Well, and his Violin Concerto in D minor...

Somehow I doubt the BBC would have the perspicacity to choose Sibelius were they to be starting this program in 2019.

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