APEC meeting in Busan South Korea

Leaders from 21 countries around the Pacific Ocean will convene the first meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit today under a main theme of "Advancing Freer Trade" in the region, according to The Korea Times.

The first meeting of the two-day summit, known as the Retreat, will open at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO), the organizers said Thursday. Then the leaders will meet with the APEC Business Advisory Council to hear their recommendations on key international issues such as ways of reviving the World Trade Organization (WTO)’s so-called Doha Round of trade negotiations.

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The Busan Metropolitan Police Agency warned it will deal strictly with any disturbances. After anti-U.S., antiglobalization activists vowed to rally 100,000 people against the summit today, the agency designated special zones around the summit venues where rallies are banned, according to The Korea Herald. Civic activists said that the Busan APEC "stimulates the globalization of neoliberalization, which allows strong countries to unfairly dominate the world."

This is a huge event for South Korea, a country that really seems to enjoy international attention. Don't have clue about Korea's second largest city, Busan (or Pusan, according to the old romanization system)? Read more here. Wow, Wikipedia even has information about APEC. The internet can be really useful at times like this!


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