Cloning of human stem cells was all fake

The final report from the panel at Seoul National University concludes that the two research papers by Dr. Hwang are both fabricated. Wow. There are no embryonic stem cells (ES). The 2004 and 2005 papers published in Science have no scientific basis. I found the SNU investigation which concludes:

Our judgment is thus that the scandalous case of Woo Suk Hwang and cloned ES cells will not have a large impact on the effort of the scientific community in Korea. Rather, we are certain that this learning experience will be a stepping stone for better execution and management of scientific research and contribute to scientific advancement in this country. The young scientists who courageously pointed out the fallacy and precipitated the initiation of this investigation are our hope for the future.

I first started blogging about this in November 2005, sensing something was not right. Now I have to say, well done SNU and everyone at Korean media, for getting to the bottom of this story. Well done.

BBC has the story with a video clip online.

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