Mozart once visited Japan!

Not really...

But I thought about that title, just to get a sense of what might have happened IF!

As you probably know, 2006 marks the anniversary of Mozart's birth, so there are an enormous amount of events to celebrate the Austrian genious. So be it. The photo shows my father, a music critic for a local Swedish newspaper, Skånska Dagbladet, enjoying his latest issue of Gramophone.

Here in Japan, there are indeed many concerts this year, as orchestras and performers (and their sponsors) are eager to get you to appreciate, say, his sonata for two pianos (KV 448). I also recommend this aria from the Zauberflaute. Or a violin concerto (KV 306) with Isaac Stern? Hmm, my favourite is the adagio from the clarinet concerto, completed just before his death (KV 622).

Enjoy - and thanks to all the Korean bloggers who are bringing classical music to me!


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