Nikkei Eco Japan: Translating The Latest News

This is something I wanted to do for a long time: a quick rundown on what's considered as news at Japan's leading news website for eco topics.

Nikkei is the big news paper devoted to economic issues, and their Eco Japan website reflects some of that focus. It's not going to give you the small-scale, happy-go-lucky news or information about grass-root events that you usually see here on Kurashi.

Yet, I think it highlights what corporate Japan Inc. is thinking these days, to a large degree. Tech-On! has more stories in English.

Plus, of course, Japan Inc. has some 70% of the patents to back up their claim to the No 1 spot:

The Japan Patent Office conducted a survey on trends in global patent applications related to electric vehicles (EVs) and other "electric propulsion vehicles" and announced that about 70% of the applications were filed by Japanese applicants. Electric propulsion vehicles include EVs, hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) by the definition of the office.

Click on the images to get the larger picture.

Nikkei Eco Japan topics include: Electric vehicles and hybrids at the Tokyo Motor Show, CO2 reduction targets, energy solutions for your home, biodiversity topics as Japan prepares for the UN summit in Nagoya 2010...

Feedback and comments - as always - most welcome.

Disclaimer: this is of course a totally unofficial translation.


Masa said…
Columbus might be cycling while Japanese firms are busy in developing electric cars...

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