Pizza Made With Local Ingredients From All Over Japan

Haha, this is great. Domino's Pizza has introduced different new pizzas with ingredients from different regions all over Japan.

I do like how they promote Hokkaido, Hakata (using yuzu kosho, a citrus fruit based spicy condiment made from yuzu rind, chili and salt), Nagoya, and Kobe/Nagata.

OK, long-suffering readers of Kurashi know that I'm not a fan of beef but this concept could be developed further, using locally produced veggies and other goodies.

And there is more!

Thanks Mari at Watashi to Tokyo for the tip!


Pandabonium said…
Din't know Domino's was in Japan. Good that a food business is promoting local ingredients.

We make our own pizza at home - we buy pre-made crust and add our favorite veggies and cheeses.

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