Kurashi 5 Years!

Kurashi News From Japan started five years ago, thanks all of you who who have tuned in to the "eco blog" and especially to everyone who felt that special urge to make a comment. Five years is a long time. It all begun when I was in Seoul, Korea in 2005, and since then, I made a lot of speeches and appearances at different conferences and meetings. My food safety ranking book was published last year in May, 2009, and it continues to sell in bookstores and at amazon. Who could ask for more?

Blogging has since evolved. I like using Youtube videos here, hoping you are able to enjoy the kind of music I like. However, I rarely get comments on such posts. Does it mean that most of you cannot access Youtube videos posted here on Kurashi?

Others use Facebook and Twitter. New tools. I'm not so sure that we should try every new gadget. If you like blogs, please stay with Kurashi. I'm hoping we can keep the momentum going. Any ideas how to suit your needs as you access my humble blog on your pc, your mobile phone, any other tool - make sure you comment and keep in touch. Five years of Kurashi. Lots of spelling errors, links that no longer work, videos that Youtube decided to delete =_=.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.


K and S said…
keep up the good work Martin :) Happy Blog Birthday!
steveb said…
Martin, Congratulations on five years blogging! I've been following for about two years from here in Ome. I particularly enjoy your insights on food issues in Japan and rural organic lifestyles.

One of my favorite posts was the one about the heirloom seed store in Hanno.

I'm not a fan of Japanese pop music, but I appreciate the links and sometimes give them a listen where otherwise I would never have even heard of some of the singers. So I appreciate the window into a world I know little about.

Looking forward to more interesting posts in the coming year.
Pandabonium said…
Awesome! More important than the five years is the quality of the posts you have offered up and the lives you have changed - mine among the latter. Congrats and thank you!
Martin J Frid said…
Thanks for the encouragement and lots of comments. Looking back at earlier posts, Kurashi has indeed come a long way. Thanks a lot everyone. Tack ska ni ha!
Jen said…
Omedeto from Kyoto!

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