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With 2010 designated "The Year of Biodiversity," a crucial UN-sponsored conference on the preservation of biological diversity on our planet (COP10) will be held from October 18 through 29 in Nagoya, Japan. The award-winning, all-volunteer, non-profit English-language quarterly Kyoto Journal, has taken this conference as a call to action, an opportunity to contribute to the dialogue, which is being lopsidedly shaped by corporate interests. The result: a brilliantly designed issue with painstakingly detailed layouts sure to inspire creative solutions to the loss of biodiversity.

Issue 75 not only showcases the preservation of biodiversity in Japan through satoyama (rural areas where people have lived with the land without desecrating it), but also includes the voices of essayists, poets, photographers, and artists from all over the world working passionately to sustain biodiversity in their own lands. Issues of the journal will be distributed to delegates at COP10.

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Barbro Kalla said…
What a wonderful celebration to life!
Martin J Frid said…
Thanks, Barbro, yes it is a wonderful celebration of life. Do get a copy of KJ 75 for some of the hardships we have to deal with, facing climate change, GMOs as a threat to biological diversity (monoculture of GM soy or corn), the way Satoyama farms cannot compete on a global market of WTO-supported trade deals...

To counter that, KJ 75 has the beautiful layout and images that will remind us that this planet is doign rather fine, without us...

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