Cyndi Lauper in Japan, 2011

I just love Cyndi Lauper. She didn't cancel her tour in March and went on to do some very wonderful shows in Tokyo, Osaka and other places. Truly an inspiration. She also mentions how she first connected with this place back in 1986 at a concert in the Budokan, when she sang True Colours a capella, and got such an amazing response from her Japanese fans.

The Memphis Blues Japan Tour website is nice too, with photos from her trip here last month.

Videos from Osaka March 22, 2011.

True Colours:

Fearless/Time After Time/Don't Wanna Cry:

From the CNN interview, where she notes that she was the only act this spring to perform in Japan: "They are coming to see me, I'm singing my guts out, I'm trying my best... They were so kind to me, my whole life I have been coming here... All the artists should pitch in. This is the place we came all through the 1980s, these people have been generous to us, and I think we should be generous back":

Toku is the stage name of the fluegelhorn player, who has performed with major Japanese bands like Exile. His website is toku-jazz.


Tom O said…
That 'group' Exile played two sold-out nights at the World Cup stadium in Oita, when I was down that way last September. I, um, wasnt tempted but I won't of course mention that it was in the very same stadium that I saw the Mexico v Italy World Cup game coming up to (gulp!) nine years ago ;o) Quite strange partying with Mexican\Italian fans in a bar in Beppu afterwards!

Respect to Ms Lauper of course - what would be the opposite of 'Flyjin'??
Is the opposite of "Flyjin" "Raijin (来人)?"

One autumn night in '05 I went to see Toku play at a small Aoyama live house. Cyndi was in the audience, and eventually joined Toku for a few songs. Pure magic.

A couple of poorly taken keitai photos can be seen in the second half of this post:
Martin J Frid said…
Tom, Ted, you guys make Kurashi come alive. Thanks!!

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