Kyushu Shinkansen/ Boom! by Maia Hirasawa

If you like trains (and music!) as much as I do, here is a new Shinkansen line that is just a must. Starting in March 2011, the island of Kyushu got its first real super express train line. And they just love it over there. The first ride was filmed on February 20, 2011 and a lot of people showed up. Do have a look.

Superexp translated what the narratar says:
That day,
Thank you for your wavings,
Thank you for your smiles,
Thank you for your cooperation.
Kyushu-Shinkansen starts now.
In Kyushu, we are full of new power.
From Kyushu, we should deliver happiness to all over Japan.
With you all, Kyushu-Shinkansen starts now.

Great song (Boom!) by Maia Hirasawa, from Sollentuna, Sweden. Isn't life amazing? How connected we are. It is a small planet, after all.

Maia is based in Sweden, and did charity concerts this spring in Gothenburgh and Stockholm.

As the March 11 earthquake and tsunami happened, the good people in Kyushu decided it was not the time to celebrate too much. Rather, they made this commercial, to support the Tohoku region.

michelleeyre says: The timing of this song was wonderful not only because while it was intended for the opening of a new shinkansen line, it gives a positive feeling that Japan needed in the wake of the Great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. I feel there was an unintended double meaning to this PV. This is by far one of my favorite songs for 2011. J1 LOVES MAIA HIRASAWA. J1 LOVES JAPAN. J1 LOVES YOU.


Martin J Frid said…
Yes, fun video and so much emotion.

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