Gold To Sweden In Sailing

Finally Fredrik Löf, who previously had two bronze medals, achieved his goal and got a gold medal in the Olympics, together with Lund native Max Salminen... Congratulations, or as we say here, grattis! Very dramatic final as Sweden had to pass both Brazil and the UK, and the UK had to really muck things up to not win! If we include canoe, Sweden has gotten medals in water-related events in just about every Olympics ever. 

Youtube video with nice slideshow of photos from the event on Sunday.


Tom O said…
Chris Hoy has just won his 6th career Olympic Gold and that puts the Brits on 22 Golds/3rd in the table.

May I point that the 'Greatest Sporting Country in the World'(TM) Australia has a mere 3 gold medals. That ol' 'East German' policy/govt funding don't seem to be working - chuckle.

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